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Film Screening Information





Tsunami-Preview-Poster-EOS-ICAIOSAbout The Film:

A unique look into the process of rebuilding the lives of the 2004 Banda Aceh tsunami survivors in Indonesia, with scientific insights into the nature of tsunamis.

"The Tsunami of New Dreams" presents a portrait of tsunami survivors, ten years after the city of Banda Aceh in Indonesia was devastated by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.  The film offers a unique look into the bittersweet process of rebuilding lives after extreme physical and psychological devastation. The also focuses also provides some scientific insights into the nature of tsunamis and examines the lessons learned that may save lives in future natural disasters.



About the Director:

"The Tsunami of New Dreams" documentary feature was directed by IsaacKerlow, a Principal Investigator and Artist-in-Residence at the Earth Observatory of Singapore. Some of his recent films include SHADOWS (2014), Genesis (2012), Sudden Nature (2011) Mayon: The Volcano Princess (2010), and the casual strategy game Earth Girl 2: Preparing for the Tsunami (2014).
Isaac is considered one of the international pioneers of digital art, and is the author of the best-selling The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects published by Wiley. During his early career he worked in the young video game industry in the USA, and later spent ten years at The Walt Disney Company. He is also the founding chair of the legendary Department of Computer Graphics and Interactive Media at Pratt Institute in New York City during the late 1980s and early 1990s.





after the tsunami


"After the Tsunami" is a 30-minute documentary film that tells the story of Aceh graduate students who came to US universities on Fulbright scholarships following the 2004 tsunami. Students are profiled during their time at US universities. The film also follows graduates who are back home in Aceh working in the fields of education, agriculture, government and business. One graduate runs an orphanage for children who lost their families in the tsunami.

The premier of the film was held in Arkansas in late November 2013 and followed by numerous public screenings around the nation. After the Tsunami has been officially shortlisted for the 2014 Peace on Earth Film Festival and was recently aired on Arkansas Educational Television Network (AETN).


larry foley

About the Director:

The film was filmed in the US (Arkansas and Texas) and Indonesia (Aceh). The film is written and produced by Larry Foley, Emmy winning professor of journalism and documentary film at the University of Arkansas, and narrated in first person by one of the students, Clinton School of Public Service graduate, Rina Meutia.  






Fukushima hula girlsFUKUSHIMA HULA GIRLS

About the Film:
This is a documentary after the earthquake on March 11th of 2011 in Japan. The main attacked "Iwaki City" has the beautiful resort hotel and facilities called "Spa Resort Hawaiians" which is located close to Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants. After the disaster, everyone, including hula dancers, called "Hula Girls" at Hawaiians, has tried to overcome and re-build the resort for a first step of reconstruction Fukushima. The story tells us how they faced to everyday living with the energy issues and how they struggled until re-opening of "Spa Resort Hawaiians"

Born 1976 in Hawaii, one of the leading Ukulele Innovator in both Hawaii and Japan and had done the music for "Hula Girls" in 2006 as well.

Narrator: Yu AOI
Born 1985, one of the most popular and talented actresses in Japan. She has been working with many Japanese acclaimed directors for "All About Lily Chou-Chou"(2001) with Shunji Iwai, "Tokyo" (2008) with Bong Joon-ho, "Brother" (2010) with Yoji Yamada and others. She was one of leading actresses of "Hula Girl" in 2006 and has decided to join this project as to support Fukushima. Cast: Spa Resort Hawaianns Dancing Team, Shooting Photography: Makoto Yoshida, Executive Producer: Chung Kwang Jin, Producer: Hitomi Ishihara, Keiko Fujimura, Production Company: Asmik Ace Entertainment, TV Man Union, Distributed by Asmik Ace, J CineQuanon ( 2011, Japanese) ©FUKUSHIMA HULA GIRLS PRODUCTION Committee(J Cine Quanon, Yahoo! Japan, FUKUSHIMA-MINPO CO., THE FUKUSHIMA MINYU SHIMBUN, DENTSU, Asmik Ace Entertainment International Sales: J Cine Quanon (represented by Face to face, Inc.)

Masaki KobayasiAbout the Director:
Mayashi Kobashi was born in 1966, directed many TV dramas, TV documentaries, and Commercials, including feature films "TAKI 183"(2005), CG film "Ski Jump Pairs, Road to Torino 2006"(2006) (Official Invitation to 35th Rotterdam International Film Festival." He also directed the making of the feature film "Hula Girls" which was the box office smash hit in Japan in 2006.







Can u see the lightAbout the Film:
Japanese summer festivals serve as a time to hold memorial services for the souls of the departed. Although some of the many places devastated by the disaster of March 2011 were unable to hold their colorful and passionate centuries-old festivals, the people of Rikuzentakata, Soma, Minami Soma and some other cities decided to go ahead as usual. The program shows festival committee members busily repairing damaged floats and drums and encouraging the participation of dispersed former residents. What are the thoughts of the people holding these summer festivals? And what do they hope to express in them?




light up nippon


About the Film:
Film ini adalah proyek peluncuran kembang api, di 10 daerah yang terkena bencana secara serentak. Secara tradisional, kembang api di Jepang merupakan media untuk mengenang para korban dan juga merupakan simbol harapan serta doa yang bertujuan bagi pemulihan dan ketenangan jiwa. Setelah melalui berbagai tantangan dan kendala maka dengan komitmen yang kuat dan kebulatan tekad, event kembang api pertama dalam proyek ini berhasil diselenggarakan
pada 11 Agustus 2011. Kegiatan ini dapat terselenggara atas kerjasama para komite eksekutif sukarelawan LIGHT UP NIPPON, warga daerah yang terkena bencana, serta para pebisnis muda dari berbagai organisasi di Tokyo.


primi sui motori con e-max


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